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Investor Relations

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Ofer Yannay – Founder and Controlling Shareholder.

The Senior Management holds about 20% of the stock value, which creates long-term shared interests with the shareholders.

Noy Fund – Israel’s leading infrastructure fund in renewable energy investments. Has vast experience in completing complex projects. Involved in projects covering more than NIS 30 Billion in Israel, England, Spain, and Italy. Nofar Energy is the only innovative company in which the fund has invested.

Public – In December 2020, the company launched its first IPO, with about 23% of the company’s shares being issued to the public at a pre-IPO value of about NIS 2 Billion, creating an initial market value of about NIS 2.6 Billion.


Nofar in the News


Noy Fund and Nofar Energy enter Italy’s Energy Market

We get a rate of 3 times compared to land projects

The market is pricing Nofar short, but each of our megawatts is worth more

Nofar Energy takes out a loan of about €70 Million for a solar energy project in Spain

Nofar Energy heads for Tel Aviv: Operational profits in the first half of 2020 equal the operational profits for the entire previous year

Nofar IPO is complete: Institutional demand reaches NIS. 1.5 Billion