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Renewables without limits

Renewables without limits

Nofar is a global leader in renewable energy investments. Since 2020, Nofar has been a publicly traded company at the (TASE: NOFR). For the last 12 years, Nofar has been growing rapidly and consistently, with an extensive portfolio of projects and subsidiaries across 9 territories, 200 employees worldwide, and major renewable energy and energy storage projects.

  • What we do

What we do

Make renewables possible

Nofar utilizes advanced technologies in groundbreaking solar projects, on rooftops, reservoirs, and land, all of which will enable countries to reach a more effective, environmentally, and stable energy future.

  • Our vision

Our vision

Net Zero is possible

Nofar’s main goal is to help the world reach zero emissions by 2050 through green and clean renewable energy - replacing old, expensive, and polluting energies.

  • Our Values

Our Values

Doing well, doing good

Doing well in business and doing good to our planet and society go hand in hand.  therefore Nofar is investing resources in managing and measuring our ESG impacts and promoting several initiatives designed to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).