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  • Ratesti



Ratesti is  the largest solar ground project connected in Romania, with a construction cost of 98M Euros, and capacity of 155MW.

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  • Olmedilla



Olmedilla project is connected and operational since July, 2022. The project was constructed at a cost of 130M Euros and has a capacity of 169MW.

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  • Sabinar



Sabinar project is adjacent to Olmedilla project, and consist of two parts. Sabinar 1, witch was developed at the cost of 139M Euros and has a capacity of 155MW. Sabinar 2 will add 83 MW, making Sabinar I+II+III a total capacity of 278 MW

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  • C&I Solar

C&I Solar

Italy, Israel & USA

Nofar is a global leader in the C&I solar market, with over 1,500 projects across Italy, Israel, and the USA, that generate 350MW of renewable energy.

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  • Floating Solar

Floating Solar


Nofar is leading the Israeli floating solat market with over then 100MW in projects all across the country.

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  • Cellarhead



Cellarhead, with grid connection of 300-349 MW and developed as a two-hour project. Cellarhead is the biggest energy storage project in the UK.

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