Doing good while doing well

We're determined to apply our core values in every aspect of our doing. Therefore, we've aligned Nofar Energy's strategic goals and business strategy with the mindset and principles of ESG.

Our strategy reflects the organization and its people's beliefs and integrates them with environmental, social, and governance aspects.

The essence of our company is deeply tied to our environmental, social, and governance impacts. Fighting climate change through the supply of renewable energy and providing supporting services are the core of our business.

In addition to applying environmentally friendly technological solutions, we must conduct ourselves by ESG principles and practices throughout our activities and implement these principles and practices in our relationships with our stakeholders.

  • E - Environment

E - Environment

Helping the world reach Net Zero

Producing clean energy and emission reduction are our everlasting main goals. Our worldwide operation makes our environmental impact significant; we focus on producing renewable energy, preventing carbon emissions, while reducing our environmental footprint.

  • S - Social

S - Social

Diversity & Safety

Society's well-being is integral to our business prosperity. Our business activities are based on concern for the health and welfare of society, Where we see any business opportunity as a chance to do good. We supply clean energy and promote shared values with partners and communities where we operate while assuring the safety of our employees and contractors’ workers.

  • G - Governance

G - Governance

Transparent & Committed

We promote gender equality among our executive management and board members.  Adding to that, we focus on mitigating governance risks, and between 2021-2022 we conducted a risk assessment and established a multi-year work plan fully dedicated to risk management.


Ton of asbestos were dismantled and treated from roof installation

Square km of land in dual use worldwide



Clean electricity production capacity in 2021



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Expert external directors



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