Core Capabilities

Core Capabilities

Nofar Energy operates throughout the value chain - development, EPC, and O&M - enabling synchronized and flexible operations and promoting technological innovation. Its multidisciplinary capabilities have led to a very high rate of completed projects of the highest quality.

Development and permitting

Experts in developing projects, signing agreements with asset holders, and completing complex permitting procedures.

Technological and engineering planning

Specializing in optimal and innovative systems planning while maximizing economic potential and complying with strict safety standards.

Project financing

Ability to provide significant equity and achieve attractive financing terms, thanks to the company’s multitude of projects, vast experience, excellent financial statements, strong relations with funding entities, and its reputation in the capital market as a reliable and trustworthy company.


Nofar Energy has extensive experience in constructing solar systems of the highest quality while minimizing equipment and setup costs and meeting challenging schedules.


Rich experience in operating and maintaining projects through the continuous monitoring and performing of a range of activities for maximizing, and improving systems output in the long term.